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6-Month Accountability Group

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What Do You Get From Joining the 6-Month Accountability Group?

It is difficult to incorporate big lifestyle changes in a few weeks.  It takes time to educate yourself and instill new habits.  Once you make the changes it still takes work, day in and day out. And questions come up along the way. Joining the 6-month accountability group will ensure you stay on track for the long haul.
Do you have questions about your treatment plan? Are you having a hard time changing your diet? Do you need help understanding your follow up report?  Jill will offer weekly "office hours" on the phone or by computer so that you can ask questions and be held accountable with your progress. You can go to as many of her office hours as you wish within the 6-month timeframe.   
Get life-changing advice from Jill that will help you stay compliant for the long term and decrease your risk of forming new stones.  All in a safe, supportive, fun, compassionate, community of other stones formers.  

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