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"It can be a daunting task for patients to follow a low salt and low oxalate diet, especially if they suffer from other conditions that often necessitate eating foods that are high in oxalate. Jill Harris has the experience and communication skills to help people solve often complex dietary dilemmas. I highly recommend her."

Robert Nadler, MD
Director of Endourology and Stone Disease,
Northwestern Medicine

"During the 12 years she worked at Litholink, Jill Harris gave thousands of kidney stone patients the advice and support they needed to achieve dietary and lifestyle changes their physicians had prescribed for them. She is an invaluable resources for patients and their families."

Fredric L Coe
Professor of Medicine, 
University of Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?
$149.00 for 5 videos that you can access for life. You also can get access to my calendar and sign up for LIVE Q and A's to help you after you are done watching your videos. Can't beat that! 
I make stones that are hard to prevent. How will I benefit?
Not all stones can be prevented, but the majority can be. Even if you make a type that is considered rare, you will still benefit from the course. The information given will help educate, empower, and motivate you to learn how to reduce your current stone type.  And teach you good eating habits for general health!
I have not done a 24 hour urine collection, should I wait until then to buy the course?
You do not need to do a urine collection to make use of the education provided in the course. 
My doctor did not give me a treatment plan. Will this course still work for me?
Whether you have been given a treatment plan or not, the course is designed to show you how to incorporate more fluids and healthier foods into your lifestyle that will help curb most stone formation. It will also help you understand what you should be asking your doctor and how to navigate doctor visits in general so you can do everything necessary in order to be prescribed a treatment plan.
I am on a treatment plan and I keep making stones. How will this be different?
Many patients try to implement treatment plans on their own. However, many times you don’t know what you don’t know. This course will break down how to really follow a low salt diet, what to do when you go out to eat, what oxalate list is the right one, and how do you really get all these changes straight. This course is designed to leave no stone unturned. Sorry, bad pun!
Why should I trust you?
I have over 15 years of experience helping thousands of patients understand and adhere to their physician’s kidney stone prevention plan. I educate you on why you’re getting stones, how to change your diet, and how to navigate doctor visits.
I pride myself on making this a fun and doable experience. While working with me, my clients drastically reduce their kidney stones, if not stop making them altogether.​